is a festive and free mobile art yakitori stall in & around Mairangi Bay, Auckland for crazy community hospitality.

a magical collaboration between a Yakitori King / dance expert, a yakitori stall craftsman / tanuki, a weird bird illustrator, and anyone else who wants to join in, for example hairdressers offering 'free cuts' etc... (email us anytime!)


note: Yakitori is the famous and delicious Japanese meat lollipop!

sign up and we'll let you know when our next stall is on

- view a photo gallery of fine times HERE
- email Chris Berthelsen any time

yakitori with 6-hour sauce or salt

yaki-onigiri = grilled rice balls with "special" sauce

oh! tsumami = off the cuff + sometimes experimental drinking snacks

definitely vegetarian optionz

a line may form, people may chant

roasted 'mallows for sweet teeth

friendly "service"

* yakitori by shota
* yakitori furniture by chris
* weird birds by yurie
* a fantastic time by everyone