Jan 18-Start Feb 2016
- a free programme of 'art' open to all, at and around Mairangi Arts Centre and their summer art programme.
- Provided with support of Creative Communities Scheme.

0.0 details/updates/contact

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0.1 always-open activities

loose pARTs playground

This was an in/outdoor art playground made of 'all kinds of stuff' in a two-week, always open, activity in the MAC galleries and the public green space behind MAC. an 'artist' was in attendance from 9-12+ every day but people were welcome anytime, of course! and they brought along their own 'stuff' to add.
details HERE

what could we do at an Art Centre?

This was an installation, ongoing discussion and workstation about community art centres, working alongside the loose pARTs playground at MAC. People popped in any time during opening hours to add their ideas, get new ones, and talk with us!
more details on how it went soon

work on BERMS!

A mobile workstation that toured Mairangi Bay in the afternoons, offering free and weird 'art' experiences to all, in the form of hands on work. often included food.
details HERE

what could happen on a FENCE?

A Mairangi Bay resident offered up their fence as a site for creative play! The BERM OF DESPAIR! People were invited to take a walk, a look, and join in...
details HERE

right of way slide

You can still borrow our improvised waterslide kit to turn a sloped area into a frugal and slippery experience! Contact Chris Berthelsen chris@a-small-lab.com or txt him on 022-0854-866
details HERE

jungle? gym?

You can still borrow our kit of ropes and bicycle innertubes to turn some trees, a soccer goal, or something else into a weird play equipment! Contact Chris Berthelsen chris@a-small-lab.com or txt him on 022-0854-866

0.2 activities with a set date

Jan 24 (Sun): draw on our car!

AM-Lunchtime | Mairangi Bay Beach - One and all came down to the beach and gave our car a burst of colour! - Cars should not be given as much respect as they are in our society.
details HERE

Jan 26 (Tues): right of way slide

2PM onwards - We enjoyed a weird and slippery experience at Mairangi Bay Park with our improvised water slide and left it installed for passers-by to take a chance on. Fantastic to come across unknown sliders on a daily basis!

Jan 27 (Sat): free garage sale for materials!

At MAC, from 12 - All creative scavengers were invited to take home fragments and remnants of the Summer Art, Not-School activities for further use at home.

Jan 30 (Sat): draw on our windows!

Open garden, 12-6ish| 28 Maxwelton Drive (not MAC!) - It proved hard to lure passers-by into our garden to help transform our windows into an amazing display of creativity and companionship! But, we did get a few takers, and they even ground our coffee beans. Drawing on windows reminds us that homes don't always need to be primed for sale.
details HERE

0.3 'art' conversations and pamphlets

a series of on the street discussions around topics of importance to MAC and Mairangi Bay, presented by Chris Berthelsen in partnership with NZ and international artists and researchers
- each conversation occurred on the street in Mairangi Bay from 4pm on the scheduled day.
- each conversation is available here in audio and pamphlet format
- of course, no money was needed to attend, but Chris did get some nice treats, like lemonade popsicles and fried eggs :)
- children were welcome, of course.

Jan 21: children and kids art classes don't mix! w/Marta Cabral

Among many things Marta Cabral runs the Rita Gold Early Childhood Center's art programme for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at Columbia University. She is a curator of artistic experiences, play, and artworks. She works with people of all ages exploring art materials and ideas in settings such as studios, classrooms, galleries, universities, conference rooms, and beyond. Marta lives in Brooklyn, NY. This discussion stems from a chance encounter with Marta's book "Broken things can be beautiful things", which documents the process of developing an exhibition of the artwork of young children as well as frames the endeavor in terms of how it can provide meaningful learning experiences for the children, their families and the broader community.
Audio of talk with Marta HERE
Pamphlet coming soon

Jan 24: being an artist and parent in a city of riches? w/Tim Devin

Tim Devin is a Boston-based artist, librarian, parent and more. His work supports the need for information and feeling connected that are essential for people having a say in their communities and the world at large. This discussion starts from three points coming out of his project "How to be an Artist and a Parent?" - how to be a "good parent" and also do the other stuff you need to do, the question of what happens to a community life pressures slowly hinder people from being creative, and the fact that both Boston and Auckland are going through huge transformations right now.
Audio of talk with Tim HERE
Pamphlet HERE

Jan 27: depression as a high-powered lens for art w/Kyohei Sakaguchi

Kyohei Sakaguchi is a Japanese polymath, mainly known as an artist, writer, and Founder and Prime Minister of Japan's New Government. He has authored over 13 books, including Zero-Yen House, Kyohei Sakaguchi's Diary of Manic-Depression, and Theory for Escaping Reality. This conversation presents a reading of Chapter 3 from the English version of his best-selling book "How to Make an Independent Nation" as a jump-off point for talking about depression and creativity - Two topics of intense interest for Mairangi Bay and Auckland Super City.
Audio reading of Chapter Three - How to Use the Lens of Despair HERE
Pamphlet - Depression as a High-Powered Lens for Art HERE

Anytime: Five Bedtime Stories About Real Estate in Mairangi Bay

Listen to and discuss some of the weird real estate myths of Mairangi Bay, written by Chris Berthelsen, based on the research of Kyohei Sakaguchi.
Pamphlet - HERE

0.4 unexpected treats

Jan 26: weirdo in residence w/Xin Cheng

Auckland-based artist Xin Cheng (http://xin-cheng.info/), just back from her SeMA Nanji (Seoul Museum of Art affiliate) Residency came by to act as our "weirdo in residence". She impressed a passer by while testing out the body-bending "Berm of Despair" installation on Maxwelton Drive and then offered 'free trims' on the street of Mairangi Bay Village.
details HERE

All the time: organic matter lucky dip

many buckets of rotting organic matter took sprout! they were offered to one and all in the form of a lucky dip, with the price of entry being to keep us informed of growth. communal food, composting, and intercultural companionship - ticking several boxes with one pen

roving pamphlet stand

the pamphlets from our 'art' conversations, as well as other printed treats continue to be offered to the residents and passer-throughs of Mairangi Bay from our roving pamphlet stand, constructed from a crooked laundry rack gleaned from the trash of a family down the road. catch these publications when you see 'em, dude.

video space: for Aya Yamashita's experiments

Elam School of Fine Arts honours student Aya Yamashita contributed a relaxing video space which encouraged interactive shadow play and provided hints on finding pleasure in the everyday environment.

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