3-day workshop for improvised shelter building in disaster times

[July 2016] (NZ) TEMP SHELTER ARTS EMPORIUM (link) at Corban Estate Arts Centre, 19-21 July 2016, was the first experimental workshop for our shelter project for TEMP Auckland, "an outdoor art science experience contributing to the conversation about climate change, to raise awareness of the issues and to act as a catalyst for discussion and action at a personal, local and national level."

photos of the workshop can be seen HERE

download a pamphlet on "what might happen when we build together?" - reflections on and images from the workshop HERE (PDF 3MB)

download a PDF of pamphlets made by people who came to the workshop HERE (PDF 3MB) or see the gifs below.

pamphlets for improvised shelter building in disaster times

small workshop

a mixture of workshops, often together, by Xin and Chris.

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While based in Auckland suburbs, we have the resources of the Super City at our doorstep, harbours, beaches, mountains and rivers in our backyard, and diverse collaborators throughout the country and around the world.

based on research and experiments in New Zealand, Japan, Cambodia and the EU by making-doing, xin cheng, a-small-lab and companions

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