let's make our neighbourhood more delicious!

projects and activities for delicious landscaping at and around Mairangi Arts Centre, and "around here"...

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working and playing for delicious times at and around Mairangi Arts Centre


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First Main Project (Nov 2017 - April 2018)
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The Delicious Landscape Project is a programme of free public workshops and activities at and around Mairangi Arts Centre, with a focus on the creative and community-building possibilities of food.

Activities include preserving, juicing, utensil carving, ceramics, neighbourhood feasts, educational walks, and DIY permaculture gardening projects around MAC.

This project is an experimental and exploratory first step to develop awareness and "dig out" interested parties, with a view towards developing an ongoing programme around the multi-sensory medium of food.

Main collaborators: Chris Berthelsen, Tracey Sunderland, Shota Matsumura, Jack Tilson, and Galaxy Crafting Workshop.

preliminary activities (June - Oct 2017)

Juicing the Bay!
June 27/29 at MBS

This was a large-scale juicing and preserved syrup making session (riot!) using donated fruit from neighbourhood trees!

"weeds" tempura cafe

A free roadside cafe travelling around our streets offering tempura treats (savoury and sugar-cinnamon "donuts") made of edible "weeds" and flowers in our local parks and informal greenspaces. Also offers MAC-brewed ginger soda - MORE

roadside halloween stall

with Japanese-style handmade treats (baby castella choco dip, cucumber and miso dip) and roasted marshmallows over Japanese grill - courtesy of Weird Bird

ginger soda experiments

A session which involved experimenting with various flavourings for MAC-brewed ginger soda - MORE

handcrafted lollypops

candy created from sugar syrup of local "weeds" (yellow wood sorrel and mint) and sticks hand carved from fallen twigs - MORE

"do nothing onion" session

introducing and snacking on "onion weed" - a free and delicious treat commonly found in parks and informal greenspaces all over Auckland during Aug-Oct - at Mairangi Bay School during lunchtime.

We did the first planting of the MBS Orchard at Mairangi Bay School on Sept 1!

Thank you to all who helped out with the first planting of the MBS orchard on Sept 1.

Creating a delicious resource for our school is fun and relaxing when there are so many hands and hearts!

Please join the MBS PTA Facebook group or sign up for email updates to find out about future plans and community feasts! - Of course, if you have any ideas, we are very happy to help you do them!

juicer apparatus improvisations

Tracey and Chris' juicing station at Mairangi Arts Centre was appropriated by many and turned into a toolkit for improvising weird juicing machines over the school holidays!

hanging garden

Amy introduced us to the wonders of cut-up wine bottle self-watering hanging gardens as part of our ongoing investigations into a more edible Mairangi Bay...

are you interested in the Mairangi Orchard?

It's a free orchard scattered around our neighbourhood, made up of existing fruit trees in private gardens and public spaces. Excess fruit is used in free workshops to make delicious and useful treats for all.

DIY microgreen nursery for small spaces

Amy introduced us to the powers of this mysterious microgreen growing machine as part of our investigations into a more edible Mairangi Bay

kawakawa & orange experiment

happened at Mairangi Arts Centre on 13 (Tues) June, Morning-Tea Time.

we took a chance on pleasure and taste, making kawakawa-infused oranges, and a peel + kawakawa tea using resources from the neighbourhood.


Many people kept anonymously replenishing our stock of seasonal citrus from local private gardens but when we ran low we took out this weird handmade "wheelbarrow" made of stuff scavanged from "around here".

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+ in collaboration with Mairangi Arts Centre, provided with support, in part, from Hibiscus and Bays Local Board (First Main Project, Nov 2017 - April 2018) and Creative Communities Scheme (Preliminary Activities, June-Oct 2017)