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June - July 2017
- A free programme for creative activity. open to all, at and around Mairangi Arts Centre.
- Provided with support of Creative Communities Scheme.

we are exploring how art in our community could be otherwise!

unofficial discussion document
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we are thinking about two things, at least...

what could an art centre be?

"how could we 'do' our art centre differently?"

an open invitation for July 1-22
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what could be an art centre?

"what 'other stuff' in our neighbourhood could we use as art centres?"

games for creative activity in everyday life
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Free Shared Space for Activities
July 1 - 22 at MAC
warm! free! non-commercial!

Please feel welcome to use the MAC gallery spaces freely for your activities during this time.

Could MAC function as an open studio, a shared space for exploration, relaxation, zoning-out, creative productivity, eating, binge-watching Korean soap operas, displaying art works - whatever - for anyone?

We offer a porous space where you might bump-up against ideas, objects and 'others'.

See the MAC website for more details and please contact Chris chris@a-small-lab.com / 022-0854-866 for anything related to this.

do you sometimes think that creative activity in our community could be different?

Mairangi Arts Centre receives a reasonable amount of financial and other support from the 'community'. How could MAC work to support more, and more kinds, of art and creativity in our neighbourhoods? How could things be otherwise?

let's discuss and do it. we can.

June 26 (Mon) from 10:30 at MAC - Experimenting with Edible Landscaping - FREE, FRIENDLY!

"Learn" how to make Nasturtium Training Structures with Bronwyn and Chris.

Nasturtiums have culinary, medicinal and pest control/companion planting powers, and are also a great climber, making them perfect for covering experimental structures.

Come and play with ideas on making edible landscapes!

are you interested in how MAC could work for education, art and creativity around here?

please join us at our always-open (and first!) meeting of the MAC education sub-committee with MAC GM Angela Suh, board members, and anyone else who is interested. You don't have to have a connection to MAC or be an expert. Just be interested!

One of our first tasks might be to rename the gathering... MAC education sub-committee won't engage anyone's creative muse...
June 20 / 5 till 5.43 at MAC.
Food, drinks, warmth, and conviviality promised.
Drop in for this meeting, or become a regular member... up to you.

RSVP to Chris chris@a-small-lab.com / 022-0854-866

do you want to do (or are you doing) something 'art' or 'creative' in the Bays?

Chris Berthelsen, Deputy Chairperson of the Mairangi Arts Centre (pictured) welcomes you, ANYTIME, to talk, share ideas, work out ways to do something (funding, space, support, whatever).

All you need is some kind of vague feeling or idea that things could be different here... You don't have to be an artist!

more details here

zine session (15 July, 1-4) at MAC

An afternoon of collage, colour & creativity. Learn how to make a mini zine and have fun with scissors, glue and crayons. You know you want to! - Organised by Zee Southcombe

more details here

do you want to experiment with 'stuff'?

Local weirdo Chris Berthelsen invites you to come over ANYTIME to his (mum's) junkyard garage and berm to chew the fat, tinker, or enjoy his sidewalk morning tea stall...

more details here

are you interested in the Mairangi Orchard?

It's a free orchard scattered around our neighbourhood, made up of existing fruit trees in private gardens and public spaces. Excess fruit is used in free workshops to make delicious and useful treats for all.

more details here

did you know that you can make functional and pleasurable ceramics with the collapsing cliffs of Mairangi Bay?

TRY! You can do it any time by yourself, or join us in frequent sessions...

more details here

have you noticed the pleasures of creative activity in everyday life?

We have been noticing and collecting ways that experimentation, art, and making are already part of everyday life. Please join us.

the 'games' list is here

making our school,
mending our school,

MOSS at Mairangi Bay School is an experiment in student-led mending and making of their everyday school environment where students develop observation, research, iterative design and reflection skills.

more details here

would you like to go off-track?

please join us in frequent exploring-walks through nearby bush.

more details here

bermside clay invitation

you are welcome to take some clay from this bermside stall, make something at home, and return it to Chris for firing.

take a chance on pleasure and functionality!
more details here

would you like to add something here?

it's very easy. you do not have to be be an artist or expert, just have 'some kind of' idea... email Chris - chris@a-small-lab.com

kawakawa & orange experiment

happened at Mairangi Arts Centre on 13 (Tues) June, Morning-Tea Time.

we took a chance on pleasure and taste, making kawakawa-infused oranges, and a peel + kawakawa tea using resources from the neighbourhood.
part of Mairangi Orchard

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++ a list of art centres we've been looking at here
++ resources/reading list here
++ note on accessibility here

games for creative activity in everyday life
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- ideas? feelings? do something together? email/txt/call Chris Berthelsen chris@a-small-lab.com / 022-0854-866 - ALWAYS open!

past programmes
- summer open workshop 2017
- summer art not-school 2016
- other workshops here

"our neighbourhood offers an incredible variety of learning labs"

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+ in collaboration with Mairangi Arts Centre, provided with support of Creative Communities Scheme

Mairangi Arts Centre is a vibrant, community based visual arts education facility and exhibition venue. Our mission is to educate and foster growth in the creative arts by providing access to and participation in the arts for all. More details HERE

Each year Creative New Zealand provides Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) funding to city and district councils throughout New Zealand to distribute in their area. The scheme supports more than 1,800 projects every year. More details HERE