making friends

celebrating fine timez at and around Mairangi Arts Centre

- A free programme for creative activity. open to all, at and around Mairangi Arts Centre.

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making friends (part 1) oct-nov 2017

schedule and locations here

In this project we will construct a lightweight and hand-drawn cart/art pavilion using free and local waste materials to display documentation materials, show and experiment with "stuff people around here have made" and offer casual art activities to "people we meet" as we roam about our neighbourhoods.

"what 'other stuff' in our neighbourhood could we use as art centres?"

we would like to explore how we can "show and tell", both as a celebration of past/present work and an invitation to future creative activity.


on the side of the road... made with weeds from around here and served on ceramics made with clay from the beach (thanks Jack for ceramics help!)

(Thanks Caroline, Ella, Yuriko, a grandma, stoned guys, etc...)

Making Friends with visitors from far-off lands, bermside (during halloween roadside grill with Shota Matsumura)

"helping out"

at Mairangi Bay School PTA activities cracks open space for improvisation with resources at hand (thanks Amy, Steph, Tracey, and kids!)

Shota Matsumura

fires up "gutter grill" made with "found" gutter in a garage reading room, for first test of 2017-18 Weird Bird on a REAL rainy day

test soft shelter on a SUPER rainy day. At Mairangi Bay Park (thanks Kazu, Akiko, and George!)

Continuing MOSS (Making Our School, Slowly) at Mairangi Bay School

Fixing cracks with local clays to Save Stubbed Toes

handcrafted lollypops

overcooked cordial improvised into lollypops with hand-carved twigs for sticks

thanks, in particular, to Emily and Cua

learning from Jack Tilson

in preparation for Alternative Pottery Learning Space

shelter for weaving, at MAC gardens

an improvised shelter system finding a foothold on old trampoline frame

kids at Mairangi Bay School

hung out with me and experimented with painted shelters

Making Friends "Weeds Tempura" and MAC-brewed handmade gingerbeer cafe outside MAC

for the opening of Hibiscus and Bays Art Awards

developing MAC gardens for Free Feast - Thank you Tamaki!

helping out

at local lunchtime art class at Mairangi Bay School, we learn new skills, and Make Friends

open ginger soda workshop

- we mix our own flavours, the 3-week brewing period teaches us pleasures of anticipation

we piggy-back on events and festivities

to crack open a chance to offer a weird experience, "show and tell", and Make Friends (thank you Shota!)

bring out

"stuff we made together" in different environments, to find new pleasures and share ideas

(in this case a hammock hand-woven on an old trampoline frame from "string-like stuff" people brought in during What 2017)

this one too


the hand-made hammock in public spaces as a mend-able public furniture, inviting play, concern, public safety issues, and foraging of construction materials

find out

about excess resources and play with them

in this case, various fabric from Rangitoto Kindergarten...

we made a giant wind and bamboo powered sun shade sewn together with plastic strapping strips and inner tubes

outdoor sewing studio

making friends (part 2) dec 2017 - march 2018

project log here

includes Rain Zuo from Galaxy Art Crafter's Workshop in Galaxy Drive, Mairangi Bay

and potter Jack Tilson's Alternative Pottery Learning Space

just enjoying playing with a sound toy of junk

berm-side potluck party

with handmade treats served in dishes made of Mairangi Bay Clay, including "fishx4" from Mr. Jokagi prepared and grilled by Shota

under a shelter made of junk from local Rangitoto Kindergarten

repurposing handmade beanbags made of junk as landing pads

a playful time of "men" from "asia"

makeshift public waterslide, for soapy, thrilling times between "people we happen to meet", friends new and old, and various junk

enjoying old friendships

at Alternative Pottery Learning Space

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"our neighbourhood offers an incredible variety of learning labs"

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+ in collaboration with Mairangi Arts Centre, provided with support of Hibiscus and Bays Local Board (Part 1: Oct/Nov 2017) and Creative Communities Scheme (Part 2: Dec 2017 - March 2018)